Legal Services


Our law firm undertakes cases related to the defense, as well as the representation in support of the accusation in crimes that are recorded in the Penal Code and in Special Criminal Laws.


  • Crimes against property such as theft, robbery, embezzlement.
  • Crimes against property, such as extortion, fraud.
  • Crimes against life, such as homicide, bodily harm.
  • Crimes against honor.
  • Service-related crimes such as bribery and bribery of employees, breaches of duty.
  • Specialization in Military Criminal Law.
  • Crimes related to the Drugs Law and the Weapons Law.
  • Crimes related to the violation of the law on antiquities.
  •  Crimes related to the violation of the Law on Immigrants.
  • Financial crimes such as tax evasion, unsecured checks, debts to the State.
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