Legal Services

Civil Law

Our office undertakes and resolves in court and out of court, all kinds of civil
cases between individuals or private and public.

Family Law

Cases concerning the regulation of relations between:

  • Wives.
  • Consensual marriage solution.
  • Nutrition education.
  • Child custody.
  • Communication of children with parents.
  • Adoptions.

Inheritance law

Claim and protection:

  • Inheritance rights.
  • Inheritance issues.
  • Testament publications.
  • Inheritance denials.
  • Revocation of wills.
  • Trusts.
  • Bequests.

Law of obligations

  • Lease disputes, rent payment orders, rent reduction lawsuits, legal advice on the law on professional leases.
  • Settlement of apartment building issues and disputes between co-owners, neighborhood law.
  • Acts of tort from tort and intra-contractual liability.
  • Drafting contracts and private agreements that regulate relations under private law.
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