Legal Services

Commercial Law

From the first day of the establishment of our company we deal with a variety of cases related to the field of Commercial Law.

Bankruptcy Law

More Specifically:

  • Bankruptcy of companies.
  • Bankruptcy union.
  • Consolidation process.
  • Bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings.

Company Law

Legal support and information on how to set up companies.

  • Recommendations.
  • Solutions.
  • Modifications of personal and capital companies.
  • Increases or reductions of share capital and provision of legal advice regarding the current legislation concerning Capital (SA, LTD, IKE) and Private Companies (OE, EE).

Intellectual Property Law

  • Trademark and trademark protection.
  • Registration of a national, Community and international trademark.
  • Signal transmission.
  • Copyright of intellectual property projects.
  • Protection of companies from acts of unfair competition.
  • Consumer protection against unfair and misleading advertising.
  • Representation in the Competition Commission.
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