Legal Services


We undertake the support of legal cases before the administrative courts of all levels of jurisdiction for the resolution of all kinds of private-state disputes.

Civil service law

  • Official status of civil servants.
  • Liability of civil servants.
  • Transfers.

Social security issues

  • Pension issues.
  • Litigation for benefits, gifts, upon retirement.

Administrative contracts, public works contracts

  • Legal transactions with OTA local authorities related to the lease or sale of real estate.
  • Disputes arising from public procurement.
  • Lawsuits against local authorities ota, NPDD and the State in general from tort or intra-contractual liability.

Tax disputes

  • Precautionary measures for granting an application for suspension and interim injunction.
  • Carrying out and preparing the whole process for the discussion before the committees of the tax authorities.


  • Issues of property law with the State involved.
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